About: Julie Boyd- Writer  has written numerous educational books, manuals, and articles, with a particular focus on improving teaching, learning, and schools. She’s been published by Heinemann (education) and has self-published a further 18 professional development books for teachers. Julie worked as a teacher (preschool- year 12), university lecturer (masters degree level), CEO and MD, and has articles published in respected educational books, magazines and journals. Julie’s numerous adventures provide plenty of fodder for stories which, fortunately, no-one believes to be true. Born in the wild mountains of Victoria, she moved to Tasmania to raise her children in civilised surroundings before absconding to the beautiful Tweed Coast in northern NSW. She now splits her time between the Tweed Coast and Melbourne.




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PARITY Vol 25-1, 2012 pp 22-23 Parity Vol25-01 (April)


EDUCATION Commissioned Papers

The Future and Cooperative Learning: Published in COOPERATIVE LEARNING, PEDAGOGY, POLICY AND PRACTICE. University of Queensland 2010

The Future of Cooperative Learning

Coaching In Context Coaching in context Victorian DEECD (Department of Education and Early Childhood Services)

Pedagogy Beyond E Learning South Australian DECD (Department for Education and Child Development


TRAVEL Articles

monterey-bay-aquariumOtterly Delightful

Memories of Dalat


logo Older, Wiser and Flat Broke

Back In Your Den, Tiger Mother



GCWA Featured Member

Julie is Emeritus President of the Gold Coast Writers Association Gold Coast Writers Association.

Julie was also founder and co-organiser of the GOLD COAST WRITERS FESTIVAL



Missed Opportunity

Why Teacher Coaching Can Fail Published in Principal Matters 2011

Reflection time Published in Prime Focus Missed Opportunity

In Times of Change In Times Of Change pdf Published in Leadership in Focus 2007

SCHOOLS AS COLLABORATIVE LEARNING COMMUNITIES Published by Leadership In Focus, First published 1995

Schools are for Living Published Specialist Schools Trust & iNet Onlinr Conference

‘Ah wants one o’ them


Into the Lion’s Den

Who’s watching Over Our Kids


BOOK Manuscripts

An Ordinary Life

The Jorge Diaries – Adventures of a Seachange Dog

A Very Australian Affair

Body Surfing in Tehran

I Teach






i teachI Teach Published by Eleanor Curtain Publishing, Heinemann




booksProfessional Development for Cooperative Learning Book Chapter Published by State University of New York 1998




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Small Town Girl

julie boyd 247x300 Featured Member Julie Boyd A little girl with big ideas sits happily all day on the floor of the Mobile Library that comes monthly to the isolated logging town in Victoria. The librarian, recognising a hungry spirit, allows her a great pile of books to take home for the month. Next time they will discuss what she has read and more books will have been selected with her in mind, for young Julie soaks up ideas and knowledge like a sponge. Absence of similar-aged children led to her seeking the company of books rather than older playmates. (Being used as a cricket wicket by big kids when she was just four was no fun). Inclusion in adult company made her bold with words and ideas. The young Julie, whose questions were taken seriously in this milieu, became motivated to find out about how people thought, learned and lived their lives. This quest forged pathways into Education and Psychology degrees. You know where you are in a small town and everyone knows who you are. As an old timer said to Julie recently ‘No-one could drop dead and not be found here!’ The deep north of New South Wales, where she now lives in a peaceful hamlet, is like that. Julie believes this return to a small community was the very thing that saved her from a grave illness that overtook her during her ambitious career first in Education Victoria as Manager of School Support Centres and then as an international consultant in the same field, where at one time she could be found giving keynote addresses to audiences of up to twelve thousand During her sea change the healing process began. George, her beloved shitzu/cavalier spaniel cross facilitated as companion and personal trainer. Memoir writing, originally begun for her children, became a journey into self. Nobody tells Julie what she can’t do: perhaps as a riposte to that Yr 8 boarding school mistress who told her she couldn’t write, her website reveals that she is a prolific writer on many themes including education, sustainability and Australian stories. ‘All the best adventures are ones I’ve jumped into’ says Julie, who surprised herself by consenting to be nominated for GCWA President in this coming AGM. Already her mind is seething with ideas for making meetings fun and conducive to connecting people with one another. And having worked amongst people of all ages during her life, this promises to be a gift she will bring in abundance.

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  Julie has had a number of incarnations at all levels of education, business and community across local, national and international arenas. Julie is an experienced speaker and educator, psychologist,consultant, publisher and author. Following a professional career that took her from a tiny country town to working with international corporates, Julie is now enjoying writing and assisting others to publish their work, and market through a strategic focus on social media. Julie also works as a counselor and professional leadership coach and mentor with organisations as diverse as the Gold Coast Writers Association and Australian Businesswomen’s Network, as well as continuing work as Educational Consultant to consortia building new generation schools, and students and schools in crisis. Julie is also a political and community activist deeply concerned about the future of our society and world. 














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