World Resources are Running Out Fast

The predicted sea-level rise by 2100 keeps going up:


SEA levels will rise higher and faster than the United Nations predicted just four years ago, a major international study has found.

The new data suggests that, on average, the seas will rise by up to 1.6 metres by the year 2100 – a finding that has serious implications for Australian governments grappling with coastal planning.

The Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program, based in Norway, found that the Greenland ice sheet is melting four times as fast as it was a decade ago.

Al Gore
And the population is now expected to peak at 10 billion, instead of 9 billion:

We’re going to hit a whole bunch of resource limits this century. Fresh water, top-soil, agricultural land, food, energy, a stable climate, common sense and time. All these things are running out fast.

The Titanic2 is about to hit the iceberg. Start singing everyone ‘Ohhhh we don’t believe, we’re on the Eve of Destructionnnn…’ We really learned nothing from the 60s did we!(goot love Barry McGuire’s outfit though!)



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