Bioneers ask- Why are we living off capital- not income or investments

Paul Hawken has dedicated his life to changing the relationship between business and the environment, and between human and living systems in order to create a more just and sustainable world.,M1



His work on NATURAL CAPITAL builds on the work of the brilliant Hazel Henderson who has been calling for us for decades, as human beings, to understand that we are living off the CAPITAL of our planet rather than the income. Even the most basic capitalist will tell you to preserve your capital at all costs- why are we not extending this concept to environmental and social assets?


The ESD Principles do exactly that. They require that we place a capital value on environmental and social assets in order to provide a ‘more reasonable’ basis for decision making than we already have. When the only value is placed on the accumulation of individual wealth- it’s no wonder we’re in the mess we find ourselves in now.