Tackling Domestic Violence from the Inside

By Julie Boyd (C) When working as a psychologist there were two cases which had a more profound impact that the hundreds of others I was involved with at the time. The first was a teenage girl who was pregnant. She was referred by a teacher who was concerned about her. At the time mandatory […]

Summary of TED talks 2014

Summary of TED Talks 2014  


By Julie Boyd March 26, 2012 for The Hoopla At The Hoopla we recently ran a story on the record numbers of older, homeless women in Australia. The response was tremendous and heartfelt. You asked for more on this vital topic of women and poverty. We hear you. No more mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters or daughters […]


By Julie Boyd March 13, 2012 Published by The Hoopla http://thehoopla.com.au/older-wiser-flat-broke/   The return of Bob Carr to the political sphere has been much heralded, as he will reportedly bring ‘wisdom’ and ‘gravitas’ due to his age and experience. Despite our woman Prime Minister and Governor General, unfortunately the same qualities are not recognised in most […]

Take a tiger by the tail

No she’s not sedated!

Then Things That Matter – A Conversation for Creating a Healthy Society


Great Infographic on the Power of Education in Finland

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(C)    Julie Boyd   The door groaned as if in pain, as it slid partially open. Two eyes, normally the softest brown, this morning filled with abject terror, peered around the gap. ‘Come in, mate. You look as if your morning’s been a bit rough.’ He fell into the plastic chair, his long adolescent […]

History in Photos

The first McDonald’s   Che Guevara Brasilia under construction Pope Pius XII meeting Hitler Elvis Presley in the army The Beatles at the start of their career The Bin Laden family – Osama is the one in the circle   The real “Titanic”, on the floor of the ocean The first photograph in history – […]

Innovation in Print Media

The Future is NOW: Two Examples of Innovation in Print Media by PR Warrior One thing that continues to occupy the minds of senior executives at major (print) media houses is how to not only survive today’s ever evolving new media world but to thrive in it. Here are two examples of innovation in media.One […]