Concert in Japan

© Julie Boyd The boys were the first in. They tumbled in like otters at a fancy dress party. Resplendent in their leather jackets, coloured scarves and tee shirts they swaggered and preened before seating themselves in the front few rows. As we’d followed them along the lilac-strewn path, the good-humoured pushing and shoving reminded […]

On a Clear Day You Can See Russia from Japan

© Julie Boyd The flower unfolded before my eyes like a puppy or a baby uncurling from a deep sleep. It appeared to stretch in the sunlight as it opened, revealing a pink centre and tiny delicate stamens. ‘Georgia O’Keefe would have loved these,’ I thought, but kept that to myself as my companions would […]

Memories of Dalat

Published on Trip Advisor (C) Julie Boyd 2010 There is a village in Vietnam that has no name. There may be others, but I’ve seen this one. B2 took me there. **** When crossing the road in Vietnam, particularly in Ho Chi Min city (formerly Saigon), walk very slowly. The people will not deliberately […]

A Surprisingly Bountiful Utah

(C) Julie Boyd 2010 ‘Hello and welcome. My Uncle lives in Launceston. He tells me you have a lovely home there.’ To say I was a little taken aback by the greeting was an understatement. I was honoured to have been invited by a work colleague, who is a singer with a wonderful voice, to […]

Otterly Delightful

(C) Julie Boyd Published on Trip Advisor Australia may have some of the strangest animals in the world, but America surely has some of the most playful. From dancing with dolphins in Florida to swimming with sea lions in California and playing hide and seek with chipmunks in Michigan, their creatures seem as fascinated […]