UN call to Put Planet and its People at the core of sustainable development

Interesting that this is exactly what Hazel Henderson was calling for back in the 1990s! Questions are also being raised- as they should- over the use of dodgy economic modelling. It’s not just the modelling that’s the issue, it is also the underlying assumptions and measures on which the modelling occurs which are problematic. Until […]

Futurist Forecasts

Forecasts From The Futurist magazine http://www.wfs.org/Forecasts_From_The_Futurist_Magazine 2011 Top Ten: 1. Physicists could become tomorrow’s leading economic forecasters 2011 Top Ten: 2. Environmentalists may embrace genetically modified crops as a carbon-reduction technology. OUTLOOK 2000 2011 Top Ten 3. Search engines will soon include spoken results, not just text. 2011 Top Ten: 4. Will there be garbage […]

Draft Letter to Financial Institutions re Coal Seam Gas

Writing to Financial Intitutions is one way of raising their awareness of your concerns over CSG. Below is a draft letter.   To : Chief Investment Officer {Superfund/financial institution} Dear  Sir/Madam, Subject: Coal Seam Gas I write to ask if your institution is involved with coal seam gas (CSG) or has plans to do so. […]

How to Live Sustainably. Earn less, spend less, emit and degrade less. That’s the formula.

Less Work, More Living Working fewer hours could save our economy, save our sanity, and help save our planet.   Terrific article from a greatmagazine http://www.yesmagazine.org/issues/new-livelihoods/less-work-more-living Millions of Americans have lost control over the basic rhythm of their daily lives. They work too much, eat too quickly, socialize too little, drive and sit in traffic […]

Hastings Point Needs Your Help NOW!

Please help us save the last remaining pristine estuary on the Far North Coast of NSW. This magnificiant area is threatened with a large housing development right on its banks. Currently a tiny seaside village located halfway between Byron Bay and Coolangatta, and overseen by the infamous Tweed Council; Hastings Point is filled with retirees […]

2011 Sustainability Oration

Earth’s systems in rapid decline

Earth’s systems in rapid decline http://english.aljazeera.net/indepth/features/2011/08/20118383214222938.html Overpopulation is causing huge losses in biodiversity, and ‘protected areas’ such as national parks aren’t working. Stephen Leahy The Convention on Biological Diversity’s 2010 conference in Nagoya, Japan agreed to put 17 per cent of land and 10 per cent of oceans on Earth under protection by 2020, but […]

Bill Maher on why Climate Change cannot be voted in or out!

Bill Maher on why you can\’t vote on climate change

Climate debate deserves more than hysteria and populism.

A terrific article by Barry Jones – possibly the most brilliant and intelligent man I’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking to. First published in the National Times Australia http://twitter.com/NationalTimesAU Labor has not explained the climate change problem with conviction. The science behind the climate change controversy – despite recent hysterical attacks on scientific integrity […]

A gap in the denial of climate change science

Terrific article by Nicole Hodgson first published in http://www.abc.net.au/unleashed/2778378.html For climate change ‘sceptics’, denialists, contrarians or what Barry Jones recently called ‘confusionists’ to be right about the science of climate change, an alternative reality must be both plausible and logical. Firstly, the consensus amongst climate change scientists that human activity is a significant contributing factor […]