© Julie Boyd ‘And then I was hit on the head by a paper bomb that had been thrown at me…and one kid was so rude! Then she said I’d only told her off because she was black. I didn’t even notice her colour- just that she was the rudest young woman I’d ever met.’ […]

Board Meetings, never Bored Meetings

(C) Julie Boyd IF THEY CAN PUT ONE MAN ON THE MOON WHY CAN’T THEY PUT THEM ALL! ‘Can we get started everyone”. We Directors all settled into our chairs ready for another morning of battle. A phone rang. “Sorry I need to get this” Our illustrious Chairman muttered furiously into his phone for a […]

ARE YOU STRONG ENOUGH? Teaching as a Gladiator Sport

(C) Julie Boyd “Why are you crying miss?” Every teacher has low points in their professional life but when it comes in your first month I wonder if things really have changed in the past thirty years. A young friend has just started in her first teaching position. It’s in a secondary school that […]

Why Bill Gates (and Christopher Pyne!)are Wrong

Bill Gates in his Washington Post article,  How Teacher Development Could Revolutionize Our Schools suggests that one approach is to get more students in front of top teachers by identifying the top 25 percent of teachers and asking them to take on four or five more students. Part of the savings could then be […]

Why Teacher Coaching Can Fail

© Julie Boyd 2011 When I wrote the paper ‘Coaching In Context’ to start the statewide coaching program in Victoria, and the Literacy and Numeracy Coaches Program in South Australia, I warned of two key issues: 1.      Coaching is not for everyone, and it is expensive. 2.      Coaching is only one form of professional reflective […]

The Future of Cooperative Learning

To download complete article click here: ##The Future of Cooperative Learning (D4 (C) Julie Boyd 2011 In a time of accelerated and massive change, when conventional resources are quickly being depleted, cooperative effort is needed to navigate the “rapids of change.” ABSTRACT The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation. Bertrand Russell Cooperative Learning […]


© Julie Boyd 2010  (updated from an original 1993 article) For full article including diagrams click here: SCHOOLS AS COLLABORATIVE LEARNING COMMUNITIES 2010 Taken individually, each concept in the phrase “collaborative learning community” has incredible power and together, there is a synergy, a revolutionary force that we are only just beginning to recognize in schools. […]

The Personal Responsibility of Each Teacher

Each Teacher has the personal responsibility: 1.            To develop: Breadth and Depth of Repertoire of Strategies 2.            To create: Capacity to align strategies / learning environments / curriculum / assessment 3.            To build: Sophistication of personal teaching frameworks and ensure fit with broader society 4.            To maintain: Interest in / Commitment […]

The Purpose of Education

As you are no doubt aware, westernised education has already been through at least four, possibly five ‘eras’, each of which has had a cumulative impact on the next. The question is, what will establish Australia as a world leader in what’s next? A prediction, based on more than 20 research fields, 35 years nationally […]

Robert Kennedy Speech. We should all listen again

I invite you to listen to Kennedy’s speech again and reflect on why the wise words which have been spoken by him, and a whole range of others over the past few decades, have not been listened to.