Leadership: A Collection of Book Overviews

Building Community in Schoo Change Forces Creating Learning Communiti Engaging Children’s Minds If it ain’t broke Improving Schools from With Maverick Motivating Schools Schools for the 21st Centur The Exhaused School The Fifth Discipline What’s Worth Fighting for

Leadership Development: A Sense of Purpose

Becoming an effective leader is not simply a matter of attending a program, completing a course or listening intently to a motivational speaker. It requires a person to clarify their sense of purpose, to act mindfully and to understand that personal and professional achievement are inextricably interlinked. In this article Polly LaBarre explores the concept […]

Reputation Capital, next incarnation from Social Capital. Finally- Collaboration goes Corporate

WELCOME TO THE REPUTATION ECONOMY http://www.cnbcmagazine.com/story/welcome-to-the-reputation-economy/1534/1/ In a world where a tweet or a website posting can torpedo a brand, kibosh a deal or bury a career, the race is on to find a common currency for trust By Colin Brown You don’t need to be BP, Toyota, News Corp or even Tiger Woods to […]

iSad – Vale Steve Jobs Some tributes to a giant – for my Grandkids

“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.” – #SteveJobs             http://www.nationaltimes.com.au/opinion/cartoons   Here’s to the crazy ones: a farewell to Steve Jobs by Michael Rose We knew. We may not have wished to know, and perhaps it was easier to push away […]

What Are Our Kids Learning From Politicians – Time To Wake Up to Ourselves Before Someone Gets Hurt

(C) Julie Boyd Back in the 1600s, the witchhunts of Salem saw innocent women burned at the stake because of the misinformation which had been spread. We need to ask ourselves what is different now – other than the fact that radio waves, national newspapers and social media now replace the town criers. When Tony […]

Empathy and Leadership

The Change Maker – Bill Drayton on Empathy and Leadership He explains how empathy is key to effective collaboration in a rapidly changing world, and the art of listening When Bill Drayton stepped out of his McKinsey career to start Ashoka, he was driven by one central idea: Entrepreneurs are very special. They sense opportunities […]

A Thrivable World Emerges http://gathering11.net/

A Thrivable World Emerges http://gathering11.net/ http://amplifyeffect.com.au/ http://search.twitter.com/search?q=%23amplifyfest There’s all this talk about breakdown when actually there’s also a breakthrough happening at the same time. It’s a thrivable world that emerges even as this old industrial order collapses. We’re making a world that works; that promises for more people better opportunities; and creates better futures for […]

Imagining a new, sustainable capitalism

We need to radically redesign our business models with less emphasis on growth and more on wellbeing, says Ian Cheshire, CEO of DIY retail chain, Kingfisher/B&Q How many times each year do you use your electric drill? CEO of Kingfisher, Ian Cheshire, suggests a switch from selling to leasing. Photograph: Alamy In the middle of […]

Employability vs employment- a serious problem

An excellent summary of why Australia’s ‘two speed’ economy is not easy to manage. While desk-based bureaucrats say it’s easy- let them move to where the jobs are, for real people with families and lives, it’s far from simple. Employability vs employment- a serious problem.The minefield of a second mining boom http://t.co/SehA8fG via @abcthedrum In […]

Change is a threat when done to me, but an opportunity when done by me

“Change is a threat when done to me, but an opportunity when done by me.” I coined this truth in the book The Change Masters, which compared innovation-friendly and innovation-stifling corporate cultures, and then saw it in operation in personal relationships, too. Resistance is always greatest when change is inflicted on people without their involvement, […]