Bad teachers need to be fired without making good teachers feel endangered and abused.

Terrific commentary on a good teachers experience with a bad system By  guest writer JENNIFER MATHIEU BLESSINGTON I started working for the Houston Independent School District in 2005. Teaching was not my first career, but almost instantly, I knew I had found the job I would do for the rest of my life. The best […]

Questions About The Uses of Measurement

What Do We Measure and Why? Questions About The Uses of Measurement Journal for Strategic Performance Measurement, June 1999 Margaret Wheatley and Myron Kellner-Rogers And still they come, new from those nations to which the study of that which can be weighed and measured is a consuming love. W.H. Auden We live in a culture […]

Writing for future generations

The Twitter Trap By BILL KELLER I don’t mean to be a spoilsport, and I don’t think I’m a Luddite. I edit a newspaper that has embraced new media with creative, prizewinning gusto. I get that the Web reaches and engages a vast, global audience, that it invites participation and facilitates — up to […]

Public Education Reform – Gov Jerry Brown takes on testing juggernaut and open letter to President Obama by Daniel Tanner

California Governor Puts the Testing Juggernaut On Ice By Guest Anthony Cody California Governor Jerry Brown has taken a big step towards reducing the testing mania in the nation’s most populous state. Up until his administration we have been on an accelerated path towards the comprehensive data-driven system that test publishers and corporate reformers […]

True Teaching Is Grabbing Kids and Setting Them On Fire for Learning

When you tell someone you were once a high school English teacher, that person often asks, “Who’s your favorite author?” Or, “What’s your favorite book?” I never hesitate; my immediate answer is Pat Conroy. I stumbled upon his book The Lords of Discipline and The Great Santini while in college and have never turned back. I […]

Angry Boys, men and teachers

I’m no TV critic, but I know that along with the laughs, the first episode of Angry Boys delivered a punch to the gut. So perfectly did Lilley capture the mix of rage, confusion and disconnectedness expressed by young Australian men that I felt a little uncomfortable, a little too close. I’m lucky enough that […]

Those who can, teach. Those who cannot pass laws about teaching

This was written by Paul Thomas, an associate professor of education at Furman University in South Carolina. It was published on By Paul Thomas A new slogan has appeared from the ranks of educators who know the new education reform movement to be misguided, uninformed, and powerful: “Those who can, teach. Those who cannot […]

Health and wealth of the world 200 countries, 200years, 4 minutes

A fascinating look at the health and wealth of the world 200 countries,200years,4 minutes As the title of this video states, it shows Hans Rosling’s brilliant interpretation of 120,000 statistics spanning 200 countries over 200 years. The incredible part of it all is that he illustrates it in a very interesting, simple way, and in […]

The Law of Mother Earth: Behind Bolivia’s Historic Bill

A new law expected to pass in Bolivia mandates a fundamental ecological reorientation of the nation’s economy and society. by Nick Buxton Indigenous and campesino (small-scale farmer) movements in the Andean nation of Bolivia are on the verge of pushing through one of the most radical environmental bills in global history. The “Mother Earth” law […]

Kitaro Endless Water and Sunset

One of the musical highlights of my life was seeing Kitaro in concert at the concert hall in Salt Lake City in the mid 90’s. Brilliant.