The Future of Education

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5 Lessons I Learned In School And Now Want To Forget

At a very early age in our development, many of us are expected to go into educational institutions that prepare us for the real world. In theory, we should prepare young individuals with the life skills they will need to be successful as they reach adulthood. Subjects like science, math, English, and history can be […]

Valuing Teachers

For some time, we have recognized that the academic achievement of schoolchildren in this country threatens, to borrow President Barack Obama’s words, “the U.S.’s role as an engine of scientific discovery” and ultimately its success in the global economy. The low achievement of American students, as reflected in the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) […]

Cooperative Learning – A Societal Driver for the Future

Published in COOPERATIVE LEARNING, PEDAGOGY, POLICY AND PRACTICE. University of Queensland 2010 In a time of accelerated and massive change, when conventional resources are quickly being depleted, cooperative effort is needed to navigate the “rapids of change.” ABSTRACT The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation. Bertrand Russell Cooperative Learning is one of the […]

WHAT LIES BENEATH- What Price the Future of Education in Australia

WHAT LIES BENEATH- What Price the Future of Education in Australia (C)Julie Boyd 2011 Where are we headed with our education system? This is not a new question, indeed it is one I would hope that educators ask themselves every day. However with the advent of a national curriculum and discussion about merit pay for […]

Democratic Education, Linda Darling-Hammond

The Service of Democratic Education Linda Darling-Hammond May 21, 2011 At the commencement ceremony for Columbia University’s Teachers College on May 18, Stanford education professor Linda Darling-Hammond—a nationally renowned leader in education reform and former education adviser to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign—was awarded the Teachers College medal for distinguished service. Professor Darling-Hammond marked the occasion […]

How Teaching Has Changed

Change By Guest – Tom Back in the 80s I drove a 1966 Plymouth Valiant. It was slow, ugly, comfortable and simple. When I looked under the hood, there were about four different items and even I could figure out what each of them was supposed to do. Now I drive a 1996 Geo Prizm. […]

Teachers Fight Back

The anger around the takeover of public education by corporate interests in America, and the use of standardized tests to measure the value of students and teachers has reached boiling point. The purpose of education has been hijacked by those who believe in a ‘bottom line’, and the teachers are justifiably furious. Mr. Duncan, I […]

Bill Gates really has bought control of US education

Tweet by DianeRavitch Bill Gates really has bought control of US education: Not only in America, Microsoft also plays a large part in education departments and professional development in Australia! Behind Grass-Roots School Advocacy, Bill Gates By Guest SAM DILLON Published: May 21, 2011 INDIANAPOLIS — A handful of outspoken teachers helped persuade state […]

Powerful indictment of standardization from the kids themselves

Twitter comment from SirKenRobinson Powerful indictment of standardization from the kids themselves