Mary’s Dilemma

Dear Treasurer ‘Mum, there are some cops at the door.’ ‘That’s strange. I haven’t called them lately. I hope everyone’s ok.’ Mary did a quick mental scan as she got up from where she’d been relaxing on her sofa, chatting with her kids and their friends who had come to visit for the Easter holidays. […]

Board Meetings, never Bored Meetings

(C) Julie Boyd IF THEY CAN PUT ONE MAN ON THE MOON WHY CAN’T THEY PUT THEM ALL! ‘Can we get started everyone”. We Directors all settled into our chairs ready for another morning of battle. A phone rang. “Sorry I need to get this” Our illustrious Chairman muttered furiously into his phone for a […]

Near Death Experience 1

© Julie Boyd   Floating around the ceiling I looked down. It was 9.22am. The clock was large, round, old fashioned, easy to read.   My body lay on the floor.   The white tiles were cold, but had felt strangely comforting as I slid into their embrace.   Two students had come and gone. […]

ARE YOU STRONG ENOUGH? Teaching as a Gladiator Sport

(C) Julie Boyd “Why are you crying miss?” Every teacher has low points in their professional life but when it comes in your first month I wonder if things really have changed in the past thirty years. A young friend has just started in her first teaching position. It’s in a secondary school that […]

The Aussie Mateship Gene

(C) Julie Boyd Why is it that Aussies are so good in a crisis, but then we forget? Is there a mateship gene we have that gets triggered by a disaster, then turns off again as soon as it’s all over? Many of us have watched in horror over the past couple of weeks as […]

The Price of Age

© Julie Boyd 2010 We seem to cost more as we get older- or does it just seem that way? So when do we become cost-ineffective? Dogs, cars, people. We all get too expensive to run any more. Then what do we do? My first car was a Mini. Chatsworth I called him, I have […]

Vale Chocolate

(C) Julie Boyd Just one more piece- what harm can that do? Millions of women, and possibly the occasional man, around the world justify that next piece of chocolate to themselves. The warning a moment on your lips, forever on your hips is no deterrent to the true chocoholic. Until now. I once suggested when […]

Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to Drink!

© Julie Boyd ‘G’day, love. Not sure your little one will make it through okay. Whatderya reckon?’ I looked up to find myself eye to crotch with the owner of the voice, a fluorescent vest-wearing man-mountain who had appeared unannounced outside the window of my small car. Along with a multitude of other lost souls. […]

This Priceless Life

(C) Julie Boyd         First published in The Australian newspaper It is easy to recognise the locals during my daily walk on the beach. They’re the ones with the relaxed smiles on their faces who have the time to look you in the eye and say “G’day”. Although, these days, there is a little strain creeping […]

Just Call Me Kenny

(C) Julie Boyd The road we walk along down to our beach is a big mess right now. I think it’s great. So many new smells. Lots of new people to talk to, and great big cars with gadgets of their front that lift up dirt and dig big holes. Something different happening every day. […]