My Friend, The Saint

The small grove lay shrouded in mist. Clouds of memories swirled and danced as the occasional ray of sun flashed from the ground. Jorge-dog suddenly stopped, sat, then lay down. He had been running ahead, nose down and tail up as he chased shadows, until he’d reached an invisible outer ring. Fear or respect, it […]

Déjà vu – This Cyclic Life

© Julie Boyd 2011 2nd Prize Winner Gold Coast Writers Association Annual Short Story Competition: DEJA VU Living at a timber mill in a tiny country town and needing to supply all our own services, ensured all kinds of weird noises in the night, including the clanging of boilers being fed in the building next […]


STRANGE SENSEI © Julie Boyd   ‘Have you ever tasted mutton bird?’ Jodie asked. ‘No, I haven’t,’ I replied. ‘Ah you’re in for a treat. Aunty Rose has a special recipe,’ Rae chimed in as she packed food into a basket. ‘By the way, I need to come and smoke your house. There is an […]

An Unusually Happy Christmas

An Unusually Happy Christmas   © Julie Boyd There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.       Albert Einstein It was 4pm on the day before Christmas eve. A hot and humid evening, it seemed we were in for […]

Families Helping Families – A Cost Effective View of Prevention and How To Save The Community Millions of Dollars

Caring and Sharing: It Takes a Village… ‘What are we going to do about the Abrahams?’ Yvonne, John, Christine and Jenny were sitting on tiny chairs in the middle of the ‘Neighbourhood Centre’ they had established just two years earlier. John and Jenny were both professionals with very young kids. He, a recently widowered social […]

This Cycle Of Life

(C) Julie Boyd 2011 Thirty years ago, three major events occurred in my life. The first was the birth of my beautiful daughter, my son’s much loved little sister. The second was the launch of the first space shuttle, at that time a masterpiece of engineering and aesthetics, opening space to humans in a way […]

Missed Opportunity- Situational Learning

Have some teachers become so constricted by formal curriculum requirements – and the comfort of teaching the same old lessons – that they are blind to the possibilities of educationally rich situational learning opportunities? Click on the links below to read published articles as pdfs. missed opportunity missed opportunity 2

Meeniyan- An Australian Film Inspiration

(c) Julie Boyd When the Meeniyan pub changed its name to the Rose and Thistle- complete with new signs – the locals knew something was up. Rumours had flown around the district for months, but when the new signs went up and the local servo suddenly became the ‘Rainbow End Service Station’, the ABC crew […]


(C) Julie Boyd The newest party candidate has just been annointed. Last week she was busted for drivers’ licence fraud, something that would have gone totally under the radar had it not been for a local journo walking past the court just as she was walking in. Of course he couldn’t help but follow her […]


(C) Julie Boyd 2010 The man didn’t have an old face. His hair wasn’t grey but his eyes were as desolate as the Dead Sea. He was sitting alone on a park bench outside the local village shop, staring straight ahead. Directly in front of him, the sun bounced cheerfully from the rolling white tops […]