AN ECOLOGY OF EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP © Julie Boyd 2012 Traditional models and theories of leadership are not necessarily helpful in a contemporary world. One of the challenges for educational leaders is in the realisation that education can no longer be quarantined from our broader society and environment. A theory of leadership derived from principles of […]

Stop Financial Apartheid

Terrific article by Sara Van Gelder of YES magazine, making some excellent points. This needs to be read far and wide. Corporate Rule Is Not Inevitable 7 signs the corporatocracy is losing its legitimacy … and 7 populist tools to help shut it down.   You may remember that there was a time when […]

UN call to Put Planet and its People at the core of sustainable development

Interesting that this is exactly what Hazel Henderson was calling for back in the 1990s! Questions are also being raised- as they should- over the use of dodgy economic modelling. It’s not just the modelling that’s the issue, it is also the underlying assumptions and measures on which the modelling occurs which are problematic. Until […]

Creating a Happy Planet

One of the best TED talks around looks at why we need to be looking at reframing our thinking around climate change away from fear and into a more positive mindset. This talk uses many of the same ideas being talked about by Hazel Henderson in the 1990’s (see May 14, 2009 post below) This […]


Penny Wong spoke last night on Q & A about the need to diversify our economy. I’ve a fan of Hazel Henderson’s since the 1980’s along with Paul Hawken’s views (see posts below May 2009) I’ve also long been a fan of Paul Krugman, Nobel prize winner for Economics. (also see previous posts below) Check […]

Bioneers ask- Why are we living off capital- not income or investments

Paul Hawken has dedicated his life to changing the relationship between business and the environment, and between human and living systems in order to create a more just and sustainable world.,M1     His work on NATURAL CAPITAL builds on the work of the brilliant Hazel Henderson who has been calling for us for decades, […]