FAMILIES- Who’d Have One!

(C) Julie Boyd Brooke Shields, the actor, has described her family in the past as ‘dysfunctional’. However, she has just discovered she is highly connected. Observers of the British upper class would claim that these two concepts are often closely integrated. According to the historians and  geneologists on the TV show ‘Who Do You Think […]

Please Take My Son

(c) Julie Boyd ‘Will you please take my son?’ She stood on the front doorstep of my newly acquired, tiny, ramshackle home, a stunningly beautiful woman. Her long dark curls rioting around a face that would have painters swooning. Gold hoop earrings swung like halos that had slipped, ever so slightly. A brightly patterned skirt […]


© Julie Boyd How do we raise our kids to be healthy, contented, able to contribute to their communities and take their place in building healthy societies? My first year as a single Mum was pretty scary. My kids were babies, and I clearly remember thinking ‘what am I going to do when they become […]

Technology and Toddlers The iPad Generation

How is technology impacting brain development , free play and social development of children? Questions we need to answer as a society. My 10 month old granddaughter has a fascination for all things technological. She spots a computer and wants to play- a broken one is no fun, she wants functional thank you. Digital cameras […]

Boorish, “in your face” behavior is everywhere.

Boorish, “in your face” behavior is everywhere. Most of the time, I’m able to avoid it, or walk away from it, but not tonight. Even as we walked away from the restaurant and passed our loud partiers at the curb, one of them spied us and sneeringly said, “Oooh, everyone be quiet now.” We just […]

Fatherhood – Catalyst

The importance of fathers to child development http://www.abc.net.au/catalyst/fatherhood/

Unplugged Teens

What happens when teenagers are inspired to turn off their technology for a week. An American teacher tried this as an experiment with very interesting results http://au.tv.yahoo.com/video/-/watch/13518886/