The World this week

10 links from the international development world this week

The World Bank has launched a map which visually tracks its projects and funding in a bid to better monitor impact and improve transparency.

·         The latest buzz is really focusing on aid transparency (thank you Wikileaks!), and this article by Owen Barder is a good place to catch up on the latest thoughts

·         Coke analyses its “Poverty Footprint” – a promising direction for corporate social responsibility

·         “” target=”_blank”>A parable for the world economy by development economic genius Dani Rodrik.

·         The Global Poverty Project’s Live Below the Line campaign ( Hugh Jackman is an Ambassador)

·         (Another) Twitter CNN moment How the news was broke about Osama Bin Laden’s death, and the guy who unknowingly broke the news.

·         An oldie and a goodie. Another terrific TED talk health and statistics by the genius demographer Hans Rosling.




Thanks Lyrian Fleming for the inspiration.