The Protection of the environment is a matter of “Global Security”

The Protection of the environment is a matter of “Global Security”

More important than the nuclear issue that plagues the world.

Nuclear weapons can be destroyed, the environment can not be destroyed and not recycled.

The defense of the environment is above ideologies, party politics, theologies, philosophical doctrines, ideologies of left or right.

The Environmental Defense is a global security issue that threatens all the oceans, continents, forests, all species, ecosystems, biodiversity, economics, all social classes, all forms of planetary life, built over millions of years of evolution.

Defending the Environment threatens all life forms on our planet.

The defense of the environment involves water security, food, housing, is vital for survival, not only ours, but of all the plant species, chemical, physical and animals that inhabit the Earth.

If we fail to protect the environment, we shorten our already scarce days on Planet Earth.

The defense of the environment is an imperative need to preserve all of the Biodiversity and Ecosystems, already plagued by our senseless indifference.

The environmental protection in the face of global importance, is an issue given its importance transcends all other issues, which are most relevant.

The defense of the environment involves the need for equipment of all leaders, globally, to face more intense hurricanes, torrential rains that cause floods deadly, more intensity and frequency of earthquakes, volcanoes, rises in sea level in overwhelming proportions, deadly contamination of the oceans, acid rain, displacement-Axis Magnetic Earth, inhabited landslides, overflowing rivers, huge financial losses to affected areas.

The preparation does not mean even the aggravation of post-disaster consequences: social disorder, social disorganization in search of food and security, lack of shelter, food and hygiene for the victims, disease, contamination, failures of the relief agencies face major calamities .

The defense of the environment, because it is a matter of global security, the preservation of all species, calls for priority for all citizens of Planet Earth, aimed at mobilizing popular preventive security measures, effective government action, relief any organized society aimed at providing all necessary resources for the feasibility studies, projects and actions are needed in protecting the environment and the urgent necessity of a system of weather warnings and risk management.

There is no alternative, only the mobilization, implementation, education and effective actions to protect the environment, otherwise it would mean the extinction of our modern civilization, the highest in over 50 years, from that of today, and not over the 100 years that scientists were predicting before.

Anyone who doubts this bold statement, just check the daily headlines of environmental disasters on Planet Earth!

Guest writer – Rui Santos de Souza
Curitiba, Brazil