Testing turning kids off of learning

Comments from Blog ‘for the love of learning’

“It’s impossible to discuss education without being hit upside the head umpteen times by the word accountability. At the root of this word is a demonizing fear that there is this horde of pension-sucking, union-loving teachers who are laughing their lazy asses to the bank.

This kind of fear-based accountability has spawned a test and punish bureaucracy that is making victims of us all.

School has been bastardized so badly that it is less about learning and more about gaming the system.

Assessment is no longer about helping kids – it’s about catching kids. Heck, it’s even become about catching teachers. I find it incredibly disheartening that anyone would make assessment more about blaming than learning.

If we really cared about real accountability, we would first ask if kids like school, and then we would have to care how they answer. Until then, kids will continue to be victims of a system that cares more about sustaining its current self than serving students.”