TED Talks that may be of interest to Teachers

TED Talks provide viewers with insightful and thought-provoking commentary and ideas. The contents of many TED Talks can be directly or indirectly applied to classroom practice. Also check out Teaching With TED.

Some TED Talks directly about education.
1. John Wooden on Winning vs. Success.
A coach who emphasises teaching and developing character over winning.

2. Clifford Stoll Teaches Physics to Eighth Graders.
In this talk he gave at TED in February 2006 Stoll talks about and demonstrates measuring the speed of sound with an 8th grade class. Stoll makes a very profound, but somewhat obvious, statement about the future. He says, “if you want to know what the future generation will be like, ask a Kindergarten teacher.”

3. Don’t Eat the Marshmallow
In this TED Talk given by Joachim de Posada talks about the behavior of children when they are given a marshmallow and told not to eat it for fifteen minutes. In the talk Joachim de Posada reveals that the response of children to this challenge can be indicative of future success in life.

4. Bill Gates Talks About Mosquitoes, Malaria, and Education.
Bill Gates discusses mosquitoes, malaria, and education. The last eight minutes presents some interesting fodder for conversation. While you may not agree with everything that Gates proposes in this talk, it will definitely make you think about what does and doesn’t work in education.

5. Sir Ken Robinson Says Schools Kill Creativity.

6. Tom Wujec – 3 Ways the Brain Creates Meaning.
Tom Wujec explains how the brain interprets words, images, feelings, and connections.

7. Jimmy Wales – The Birth of Wikipedia.

8. Julian Treasure – 4 Ways Sound Affects Us.
In this talk Julian Treasure tells us that people working in open plan offices are 66% less productive than those in quiet rooms.

9. How Cell Phones, Twitter, and Facebook Can Make History.
Clay Shirky examines how text messaging and social networks empower citizens to report the news without state-run media censorship.

10. Matthew White Gives the Euphonium a New Voice.
This may encourage students to develop their improvisation skills.

11. David Pogue on the Music Wars
Watch and enjoy the video it will put you in a good mood for at least five minutes and you might learn something about shifts in media consumption too.

12. Pranav Mistry – The Thrilling Potential of Sixth Sense Technology.

13. Benjamin Zander – On Music and Passion

15. Dan Pink – The Surprising Science of Motivation