The (immediate) future of technology

Last night I watched my new 9 month old grandbaby totally bamboozle her father by flipping a skype screen- he had no idea how she did it or how to undo it! Technology makes for great toys. The question is how your do we expose kids to what forms of technology. This video raises the […]

Math is is not linear  Math is not linear on Prezi

Putting Social Networking in it’s place

100 Things To Watch In 2011

Interesting summary of things to take note of in the upcoming year  

Playing for change

Playing for change is a movement to connect the world through music. If thinking is what gets the human race into the mess it’s currently in, feeling, and being response-able to the feelings of others may be one of the ways to get us out of it. Youtube videos such as the one below show […]

Methinketh we think too much?

Human behaviour is made up of a range of things including thinking, feeling, and responding physiologically and verbally. Michael Jackson’s recent death reminds me of a quote of his when he was asked about dancing. His response was . Thinking is the biggest mistake a dancer can make. They need to feel- become an embodiment […]