Health and wealth of the world 200 countries, 200years, 4 minutes

A fascinating look at the health and wealth of the world 200 countries,200years,4 minutes As the title of this video states, it shows Hans Rosling’s brilliant interpretation of 120,000 statistics spanning 200 countries over 200 years. The incredible part of it all is that he illustrates it in a very interesting, simple way, and in […]

Terrific article on political and environmental policy – highly recommended

The Potential and Risks of Geoengineering By Jamais Cascio When it comes to our planet’s environment, “isolationism” is impossible. By the year 2030, environmental policy and political policy will be completely inseparable at the global level. Arguably, that should be the case today. As we gain a deeper understanding of ecosystem processes, we’re seeing […]

World Resources are Running Out Fast

The predicted sea-level rise by 2100 keeps going up:   SEA levels will rise higher and faster than the United Nations predicted just four years ago, a major international study has found. The new data suggests that, on average, the seas will rise by up to 1.6 metres by the year 2100 – a finding […]