Australian sea level rise projections Sea level rise projections for some areas of Australia released including Sydney suburbs at risk

Sea Level Rise

As Glaciers Melt, Science Seeks Data on Rising Seas Scientists long believed that the collapse of the gigantic ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica would take thousands of years, with sea level possibly rising as little as seven inches in this century, about the same amount as in the 20th century. But researchers have recently […]

Global Debt

Anyone interested in Global Debt levels might like to take a look at this site. The Canadian figures are truly frightening – assuming this is accurate’

Haiti’s Education System Needs to be Rebuilt from the Ground up

The aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti has left a fragile nation teetering on the brink of collapse. In the coming weeks and months, donor countries, aid agencies, and NGOs will continue their tireless efforts to bring help and hope to Haiti‚Äôs roughly 10 million survivors. And yet, while urgent needs lurk on every street […]

Teaching to the Test

Is this the direction for Australian schools in future. Teachers being forced to employ individual tutors for students in an effort to get them to increase their test scores. This has been a problem in America for years. When I was consulting there in the early 1990/s teachers reported that they would ‘teach how to […]