(C) Julie Boyd Very little is needed to make a happy life. It is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.     Marcus Aurelius —————————————————- ‘Who’s wearing that perfume?’ Harry looked semi-accusingly around the lounge car. ‘Chef just walked through and tells me that someone is smelling prrreeeeeety darn good. Who is it?’ We were […]

Whitefish, Montana

© Julie Boyd   It was really all Eric’s fault. He was the one who started it. Eric was a guy we met at Portland railway station. He was a baggage handler who was just filling in at the sales counter. When we cruised in to organise our tickets for Vancouver, he changed our plans […]

Magnificently Mad Michigan

(C) Julie Boyd And beyond them stood the forest, Stood the groves of singing pine-trees, Green in Summer, white in Winter, Ever sighing, ever singing. Song of Hiawatha, W.W. Longfellow It’s easy to pick a Michiganer. They carry their passports everywhere in case they might need to go to Canada for the day. If you […]