I Want One of Them. I Need One of Them! TEACHER COACHING

© Julie Boyd 1999 jboydedu(at)gmail.com www.julieboyd.com.au ‘Ah wants one o’ them. Where do I git me one o’ them? Ah need one.’’ I’ll never forget the sight of a very large African American woman bearing down on me like the Titanic in full sail as I stood at the front of a roomful of 1000+ […]

Why Teacher Coaching Can Fail

© Julie Boyd 2011 When I wrote the paper ‘Coaching In Context’ to start the statewide coaching program in Victoria, and the Literacy and Numeracy Coaches Program in South Australia, I warned of two key issues: 1.      Coaching is not for everyone, and it is expensive. 2.      Coaching is only one form of professional reflective […]