1833 – A Personal History

(C) Julie Boyd Ainsley Harriott is an African-English chef. Last night on TV I watched him trace his family history back to the time of slavery. It all seemed a little surreal until I looked at some dates that were important to him, and suddenly realised they were also important to me. My son had […]

The Aussie Mateship Gene

(C) Julie Boyd Why is it that Aussies are so good in a crisis, but then we forget? Is there a mateship gene we have that gets triggered by a disaster, then turns off again as soon as it’s all over? Many of us have watched in horror over the past couple of weeks as […]

My Dog and I Have Matching Tumours.

© Julie Boyd My dog and I have matching tumours. We first met ten years ago, just after one of my closest friends had died. She had been dealing with an unusual abdominal tumour which was growing daily, looked like a pregnancy, and was inoperable. At the time, I had several tumours in various female […]