(C) Julie Boyd Very little is needed to make a happy life. It is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.     Marcus Aurelius —————————————————- ‘Who’s wearing that perfume?’ Harry looked semi-accusingly around the lounge car. ‘Chef just walked through and tells me that someone is smelling prrreeeeeety darn good. Who is it?’ We were […]

You’ve Got Male

(C) Julie Boyd 2010 I wonder if a pelican’s saliva is poisonous? The question danced across my brain as I looked down at the large, healthy-looking fish- a mullet, or a bream I’m no expert – but definitely not a baby snapper – that had just been dropped at my feet. My dog took matters […]

DJ’s MUM Died Today

© Julie Boyd DJ’s mum, Jedda, died today. It was very sad and he’s distraught. My boy doesn’t know what to do to comfort his friend. She was a little dark-haired dynamo and a wonderful mum. Everyone knew her. She usually hung out in the front yard and was always up for a chat whenever […]


©Julie Boyd Riva, Skoi git art ov the eschewry. No Chelsi , ya havta go in the car wiv your Mum. As my small canine companion swam towards River and Skye ever hopeful of a pat, I couldn’t help smiling at the irony of their names and situation, I wondered whether ocker Mum would remember […]

This Priceless Life

(C) Julie Boyd         First published in The Australian newspaper It is easy to recognise the locals during my daily walk on the beach. They’re the ones with the relaxed smiles on their faces who have the time to look you in the eye and say “G’day”. Although, these days, there is a little strain creeping […]