© Julie Boyd ‘And then I was hit on the head by a paper bomb that had been thrown at me…and one kid was so rude! Then she said I’d only told her off because she was black. I didn’t even notice her colour- just that she was the rudest young woman I’d ever met.’ […]

One Day on Earth

Join the One Day on Earth movement and participate on 10/10/2010. This is a global ‘multi-platform participatory media project’ event where everyday people, including students and teachers, are encouraged to document and record a story of shared human experience over a 24-hour period. The aim is to capture the diversity of life and culture on […]

Unplugged Teens

What happens when teenagers are inspired to turn off their technology for a week. An American teacher tried this as an experiment with very interesting results

My School website and league tables- the real story

An excellent article written by Jeremy Ludowyke, Principal of Melbourne High School, the so-called ‘best’ school in VIctoria Also an excellent article featuring Andrew Kenyon, Principal of Swan Reach Primary School the so-called ‘worst’ school in Victoria