Penny Wong spoke last night on Q & A about the need to diversify our economy. I’ve a fan of Hazel Henderson’s since the 1980’s along with Paul Hawken’s views (see posts below May 2009) I’ve also long been a fan of Paul Krugman, Nobel prize winner for Economics. (also see previous posts below) Check […]

Systemic corruption and bullying dictocracies

Amazing how contrite people can become after they are caught! Bernie Madoff has admitted that he was ‘greedy’- yes he was! Apparently the fact that he has provided some information which may be of use to his victims is a redeeming factor. New Jersey’s scandal has opened a few eyes about the size and scale […]

Paul Krugman and Hard Questions

One hard question we need to ask is whether education systems are in fact succeeding in their charters, or like financial and political systems are suffering what Princeton University’s Paul Krugman, Nobel Memorial Prize (2008) winning economist has called in interviews ‘cascading systemic failure’, a result of improperly considering ‘systemic risk’. That’s what brought the […]