When Will They Ever Learn

Why is it that people think they can get away with lies! Politicians make promises at every election they cannot keep. Multinationals believe they can hide the truth. Banks think we are stupid enough to believe their spin on the global economy. As environmentalists have long believed, BP has now been caught out doctoring photos […]

Apocalypse Right Now

From Dr Paul Taylor: All these events quote below, and more in the article, are already in progress, and destined, due to human induced global warming. The incontrovertible warning signs of impending catastrophe (melting glaciers and ice caps, thawing tundra etc) have been clearly showing up for years, decades even, a mass extinction is certainly […]

And the sea will turn black- Gulf Oil Spill anyone

NATIVE AMERICAN PROPHECY American Indians are a diverse ethnic group. Their languages, customs, social systems varied greatly. One common characteristic found in many Indian nations was an affinity to the spiritual side of life. Out of this came man prophecies. One of the most fascinating set of prophecies comes out of the Hopi nation located […]