The Geopolitics of Food – Upcoming Food Wars

An thought-provoking and sobering article by Lester Brown on the impact of climate change on the world’s food supplies. While politicians concern themselves with oil and energy, the reality is that it is the dearth of food which killed off ancient civilizations- and threatens the same now. The New Geopolitics of Food From the […]

2010 hottest, wettest year on record

2010 hottest, wettest year on record, say climatologists via @guardian Not only the warmest on record, but the wettest, with several other near highs as well, such as snow blizzards in Europe and extent of arctic ice melt, all predicted consequences of global warming (wetter because of more moisture in the air in a hotter […]

Agricultural Apocalypse 2010 When a large segment of the population is facing a drastic cut in income in the face of escalating food prices we have a catastrophic problem in the making. Today we have the simultaneous events of income deflation and food inflation; two high-speed express trains coming down that tracks at each other, a financial […]