Creating Sustained Professional Growth through Collaborative Reflection

Creating Sustained Professional Growth through Collaborative Reflection (C) Julie Boyd Originally commissioned by the (State) University of New York. This adapted online version contains the chapter by entitled ’Creating Sustained Professional Growth through Collaborative Reflection’ Chapter 2 Page 14 in Professional Development For Cooperative Learning “The most powerful form of learning, the most sophisticated form […]

Meeniyan- An Australian Film Inspiration

(c) Julie Boyd When the Meeniyan pub changed its name to the Rose and Thistle- complete with new signs – the locals knew something was up. Rumours had flown around the district for months, but when the new signs went up and the local servo suddenly became the ‘Rainbow End Service Station’, the ABC crew […]

Value for Money?

(C) Julie Boyd 2010 We seem to cost more as we get older- or does it just seem that way? So when do we become cost-ineffective? Dogs, cars, people. We all get too expensive to run any more. Then what do we do? My first car was a Mini. Chatsworth I called him, I have […]

The House At Number 2

© Julie Boyd 2010 ‘I’ll walk in front. That way the yobs’ll slow down to perve at me, they always do.’ It was Saturday evening and my gorgeous twenty-something, blonde-haired daughter and I were walking down the road to take the dog to the beach. There is no pathway, and those drunk on a lethal […]

Please Take My Son

(c) Julie Boyd ‘Will you please take my son?’ She stood on the front doorstep of my newly acquired, tiny, ramshackle home, a stunningly beautiful woman. Her long dark curls rioting around a face that would have painters swooning. Gold hoop earrings swung like halos that had slipped, ever so slightly. A brightly patterned skirt […]

DJ’s MUM Died Today

© Julie Boyd DJ’s mum, Jedda, died today. It was very sad and he’s distraught. My boy doesn’t know what to do to comfort his friend. She was a little dark-haired dynamo and a wonderful mum. Everyone knew her. She usually hung out in the front yard and was always up for a chat whenever […]


©Julie Boyd Riva, Skoi git art ov the eschewry. No Chelsi , ya havta go in the car wiv your Mum. As my small canine companion swam towards River and Skye ever hopeful of a pat, I couldn’t help smiling at the irony of their names and situation, I wondered whether ocker Mum would remember […]


© Julie Boyd ‘Hey, mate, can I ask you a question?’ ‘Yes, miss. How can we help you?’ It was 2am and I was lost in the middle of Sydney. I’d just spotted two young cops standing on the street and pulled over beside them. Too tired to even bask momentarily in the unlikely compliment, […]

Board Meetings, never Bored Meetings

(C) Julie Boyd IF THEY CAN PUT ONE MAN ON THE MOON WHY CAN’T THEY PUT THEM ALL! ‘Can we get started everyone”. We Directors all settled into our chairs ready for another morning of battle. A phone rang. “Sorry I need to get this” Our illustrious Chairman muttered furiously into his phone for a […]

Near Death Experience 1

© Julie Boyd   Floating around the ceiling I looked down. It was 9.22am. The clock was large, round, old fashioned, easy to read.   My body lay on the floor.   The white tiles were cold, but had felt strangely comforting as I slid into their embrace.   Two students had come and gone. […]