Carbon Tax compensation for industry unjustified

The Australia Institute released a policy discussion paper showing how most of the industry compensation on the table is unjustified. These companies are asking for even more exemptions than what’s being flagged. You can watch an interview with the author here (fast forward to 28:33): You can download the paper here: Finally, here’s […]

If Catastrophic Weather Events Don’t Get Us, Irrationality Might. How Language Changes our Choices

Whether people accept manmade global warming as real may depend on the weather outside that particular day, a new study finds. Weather and climate The study results suggest that because global warming and climate are complex and long-term trends, people may be more likely to grasp onto a simpler, more easily accessible explanation — the […]

Sea Level Rise

As Glaciers Melt, Science Seeks Data on Rising Seas Scientists long believed that the collapse of the gigantic ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica would take thousands of years, with sea level possibly rising as little as seven inches in this century, about the same amount as in the 20th century. But researchers have recently […]

UK artist Banksy on Global Warming Sceptics

ABC Drum on On the origin of the sceptics

Apocalypse Right Now

From Dr Paul Taylor: All these events quote below, and more in the article, are already in progress, and destined, due to human induced global warming. The incontrovertible warning signs of impending catastrophe (melting glaciers and ice caps, thawing tundra etc) have been clearly showing up for years, decades even, a mass extinction is certainly […]