How Environmental Activists Can Save The World

An open letter to the green movement Last week, Charles Secrett argued that 40 years after the birth of the modern environment movement, it has turned into an unwieldy behemoth and its tactics have stalled. This prompted criticism that he is out of touch with the movement. Here, in an open letter to green campaigners, […]

The Protection of the environment is a matter of “Global Security”

The Protection of the environment is a matter of “Global Security” More important than the nuclear issue that plagues the world. Nuclear weapons can be destroyed, the environment can not be destroyed and not recycled. The defense of the environment is above ideologies, party politics, theologies, philosophical doctrines, ideologies of left or right. The Environmental […]

‘Exceptional’ reforestation program in China preventing future disasters

‘Exceptional’ reforestation program in China preventing future disasters Jeremy Hance May 13, 2011   China’s response to large-scale erosion with reforestation is paying off according to a study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (PNAS). The 10-year program, known as Sloping Land Conversion Program (SLCP), is working to turn some […]

Carbon Tax compensation for industry unjustified

The Australia Institute released a policy discussion paper showing how most of the industry compensation on the table is unjustified. These companies are asking for even more exemptions than what’s being flagged. You can watch an interview with the author here (fast forward to 28:33): You can download the paper here: Finally, here’s […]

Business Gets Real About Sustainability

The real power of achieving sustainable  life on the planet does lie to a large degree with the response of business. While there are business people who are more concerned about their own economic sustainability than social and ecological sustainability, at least they are starting the conversation and reaslising that it is impacting their bottom […]

Adapting to Climate Change

Adapting to climate change Facing the consequences Global action is not going to stop climate change. The world needs to look harder at how to live with it Until climate change becomes an economics dialogue, business and industry won’t make the necessary changes to enable rapid adaptation. This article is well worth reading

A Stunning Year in Climate Science Reveals that Human Civilization is On the Precipice

Bioneers ask- Why are we living off capital- not income or investments

Paul Hawken has dedicated his life to changing the relationship between business and the environment, and between human and living systems in order to create a more just and sustainable world.,M1     His work on NATURAL CAPITAL builds on the work of the brilliant Hazel Henderson who has been calling for us for decades, […]