Julie Boyd Quote-“Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It’s the transition that’s troublesome.”                                                                   Issac Asimov.     Death comes in strange guises. Her impact is often unpredictable.   She provides a fascinating way to understand cultural differences.   Last night my Japanese daughter-in-law was describing her daily English class. Evidently they were discussing Oscar nominations […]

DJ’s MUM Died Today

© Julie Boyd DJ’s mum, Jedda, died today. It was very sad and he’s distraught. My boy doesn’t know what to do to comfort his friend. She was a little dark-haired dynamo and a wonderful mum. Everyone knew her. She usually hung out in the front yard and was always up for a chat whenever […]

Near Death Experience 1

© Julie Boyd   Floating around the ceiling I looked down. It was 9.22am. The clock was large, round, old fashioned, easy to read.   My body lay on the floor.   The white tiles were cold, but had felt strangely comforting as I slid into their embrace.   Two students had come and gone. […]