WHAT LIES BENEATH- What Price the Future of Education in Australia

WHAT LIES BENEATH- What Price the Future of Education in Australia (C)Julie Boyd 2011 Where are we headed with our education system? This is not a new question, indeed it is one I would hope that educators ask themselves every day. However with the advent of a national curriculum and discussion about merit pay for […]

Standardized Tests

Teachers who blame students for being bored is the equivalent to yelling at the hammer after you strike your own thumb.   Diane Ravitch says: Be careful Canada (and Australia!) I know many Canadian educators who are rightfully sceptical of the debacle that is American Education Reform. We should not be too quick to dismiss […]

The Privatisation of Education

As Diane Ravitch tweeted this morning- a sad day for educational reformers. Article from the UK Guardian discusses the abrupt departure of the New York schools chancellor is only a temporary setback for the corporate ‘reform’ of public schools. Former Hearst executive Cathleen Black who has just resigned from her post as <a href="http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/cifamerica/2011/apr/07/schools-school-funding“>New York […]

Why Bill Gates (and Christopher Pyne!)are Wrong

Bill Gates in his Washington Post article, http://tinyurl.com/47mxu7e  How Teacher Development Could Revolutionize Our Schools suggests that one approach is to get more students in front of top teachers by identifying the top 25 percent of teachers and asking them to take on four or five more students. Part of the savings could then be […]