Skewering Democracy- Who is Crossing the Line Irresponsibly and What is the Impact on Our Kids?

Our Harry Potter/FightClub Democracy! Questions from an ‘ordinary Australian.’ (C) Julie Boyd Chris Uhlman tweeted today that Czech President Vaclav Klaus – the man Vaclav Havel once described as a “gangster capitalist,” refused to be security checked at Parliament House which means the ABC are unable to interview him as their studios were on the […]

The Role of Teachers and Textbooks in a Democracy

For full article go to “Knowledge will forever govern ignorance, and a people who mean to be their own Governors must arm themselves with the power knowledge gives.” — James Madison, 1788 This month’s historic referendum will determine southern Sudan’s future, either as an independent country of part of a unified Sudan. Voting ends on […]

Systemic corruption and bullying dictocracies

Amazing how contrite people can become after they are caught! Bernie Madoff has admitted that he was ‘greedy’- yes he was! Apparently the fact that he has provided some information which may be of use to his victims is a redeeming factor. New Jersey’s scandal has opened a few eyes about the size and scale […]

RIP Democracy – has NSW joined the ‘axis of evil’?

In NSW it seems that the government’s latest tricks are attempts to undermine democracy. While we watch in horror the repression of residents rights in overseas countries, it seems that what we’re being subject to is no less insidious. For the government to introduce legislation to protect developments runs roughshod over the rights of local […]