How to Live Sustainably. Earn less, spend less, emit and degrade less. That’s the formula.

Less Work, More Living Working fewer hours could save our economy, save our sanity, and help save our planet.   Terrific article from a greatmagazine Millions of Americans have lost control over the basic rhythm of their daily lives. They work too much, eat too quickly, socialize too little, drive and sit in traffic […]

Bill Maher on why Climate Change cannot be voted in or out!

Bill Maher on why you can\’t vote on climate change

Climate debate deserves more than hysteria and populism.

A terrific article by Barry Jones – possibly the most brilliant and intelligent man I’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking to. First published in the National Times Australia Labor has not explained the climate change problem with conviction. The science behind the climate change controversy – despite recent hysterical attacks on scientific integrity […]

A gap in the denial of climate change science

Terrific article by Nicole Hodgson first published in For climate change ‘sceptics’, denialists, contrarians or what Barry Jones recently called ‘confusionists’ to be right about the science of climate change, an alternative reality must be both plausible and logical. Firstly, the consensus amongst climate change scientists that human activity is a significant contributing factor […]

Nobel laureates: ‘we are transgressing planetary boundaries that have kept civilization safe for the past 10,000 years’

Nobel laureates: ‘we are transgressing planetary boundaries that have kept civilization safe for the past 10,000 years’ Jeremy Hance May 23, 2011 Last week the 3rd Nobel Laureates Symposium on Global Sustainability concluded with participants—including 17 past Nobel Prize winners and 40 other experts—crafting and signing the Stockholm Memorandum. The document calls for […]

‘Exceptional’ reforestation program in China preventing future disasters

‘Exceptional’ reforestation program in China preventing future disasters Jeremy Hance May 13, 2011   China’s response to large-scale erosion with reforestation is paying off according to a study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (PNAS). The 10-year program, known as Sloping Land Conversion Program (SLCP), is working to turn some […]

Terrific article on political and environmental policy – highly recommended

The Potential and Risks of Geoengineering By Jamais Cascio When it comes to our planet’s environment, “isolationism” is impossible. By the year 2030, environmental policy and political policy will be completely inseparable at the global level. Arguably, that should be the case today. As we gain a deeper understanding of ecosystem processes, we’re seeing […]

World Resources are Running Out Fast

The predicted sea-level rise by 2100 keeps going up:   SEA levels will rise higher and faster than the United Nations predicted just four years ago, a major international study has found. The new data suggests that, on average, the seas will rise by up to 1.6 metres by the year 2100 – a finding […]

Peak Oil, Ocean Acidification, Economic Recession or Economic Renaissance

Even if climate change didn’t exist, there is peak oil, ocean acidification, soil and water depletion etc, all of which promise catastrophes and all of which can be improved by taking action. And taking action is more likely to lead to an economic renaissance than to economic depression. Take a look! After viewing: […]

Carbon Tax compensation for industry unjustified

The Australia Institute released a policy discussion paper showing how most of the industry compensation on the table is unjustified. These companies are asking for even more exemptions than what’s being flagged. You can watch an interview with the author here (fast forward to 28:33): You can download the paper here: Finally, here’s […]