The World this week

10 links from the international development world this week The World Bank has launched a map which visually tracks its projects and funding in a bid to better monitor impact and improve transparency. ·         The latest buzz is really focusing on aid transparency (thank you Wikileaks!), and this article by Owen Barder is a good […]

Climate Change Recalculated- Future Science and Energy Literacy

Saul Griffith, Australian inventor provides classic examples of how science and maths can come together in a manner which engages students in issues of contemporary concern to them. From recalculating his personal carbon footprint- with astonishing results, to inventing kites to mobilise energy from stratospheric winds to power human society’s needs, this man provides both […]

Sea People

The President of the Maldives tonight described his people as ‘sea people’ They need the sea to survive- just not swamping their homes! Island people have an unbreakable bond with the sea. Indigenous people have an unbreakable bond with the earth. While the Maldives drowns, some still sit around arguing about whether the climate is […]