A Society of Moral Hazards

Moral Hazard – a term used in economics says that if you bail someone out of a problem then a question is raised about what incentive they have to not do it again. In fact the hazard then becomes an enabler. E.g In the insurance industry it is where coverage against a loss might increase the risk-taking […]


An excerpt from a recent story in the Australian about a World War 2 veteran who had just died began: Alex McPherson’s father was killed when Alex was seven and his grief stricken mother immediately made him head of the household. That gave him a sense of responsibility that never left him Harriet Veith The […]

How is a footballer like a day trader? Boys Behaving Badly

Appalling behaviour among our ‘gladiator’ footballers raises the questions not just of how do they get away with it through their codes of silence and the enabling of those around them, but why they believe this is ok in the first place. It seems that testosterone is more powerful, and perhaps more dangerous than people […]