Climate debate deserves more than hysteria and populism.

A terrific article by Barry Jones – possibly the most brilliant and intelligent man I’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking to. First published in the National Times Australia Labor has not explained the climate change problem with conviction. The science behind the climate change controversy – despite recent hysterical attacks on scientific integrity […]

A gap in the denial of climate change science

Terrific article by Nicole Hodgson first published in For climate change ‘sceptics’, denialists, contrarians or what Barry Jones recently called ‘confusionists’ to be right about the science of climate change, an alternative reality must be both plausible and logical. Firstly, the consensus amongst climate change scientists that human activity is a significant contributing factor […]

Climate Change Debate- a balanced perspective

Anthropomorphic contribution to climate change is an emotive debate. This youtube site provides a balanced view on issues like the ’email scandal’ and how scientific debate occurs. A very interesting series worth listening to.