RIP Democracy – has NSW joined the ‘axis of evil’?

In NSW it seems that the government’s latest tricks are attempts to undermine democracy. While we watch in horror the repression of residents rights in overseas countries, it seems that what we’re being subject to is no less insidious.

For the government to introduce legislation to protect developments runs roughshod over the rights of local residents and their investments ie the health of their homes, families, and communities.

For the NSW govt to introduce legislation to protect an international car racing franchise for 10 years in a heritage area is nothing short of an appalling dictatorial move the likes of which we usually see in ‘the axis of evil’.

The govt needs to recognise our investments are just as important as any multinational, and that our health is as important to us as votes are to them!

Is it possible, is it thinkable, to outsource the running of NSW to an overseas country which knows what it is doing! Preferably one who has the interests of the voters and residents at heart rather than those simply seeking to make money at any costs- to us!

Norway would be nice.