Reshaping the Environmental Lexicon The Power of Language in Environment Issues

As any psychologist will tell you, the use of Language really is important. It’s power is often grossly under-estimated.  “Cap and trade” or “pollution reduction refund”? “Global warming” or “our deteriorating atmosphere”? Environmental action groups are proposing new messaging techniques to build public support for their causes.

This line of thought was kicked off by an initial study publicized through Psychology journals

The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times provide two different angles to this developing story.

Mother Jones also has a great article on the ‘Science of why we don’t believe science’ and the neuroscience of denialism.


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    I just added this blog to my google reader, great stuff. Cannot get enough!

  2. Scarlett Skafec says:

    I am pretty sure this subject matter was dealt with on Nightline