Peak Civilisation

Last night Dr Paul Taylor provided a brilliant presentation to residents of the Tweed Valley in northern NSW where he outlined clearly and succinctly, using scientific data, why we need to act now if we are to, in the words of James Lovelock (creator of Gaia Theory) ‘save ourselves’ rather than just trying to save the planet. He too called for us to understand how we are depleting environmental capital at a frightening and exponential pace quoting figures that in the 1975 the footprint humans were leaving was costing us 1/2 the planet, in 2000 that became 1 earth, By 2025 that will be 2 earths, and by 2050 it will be 4 EARTHS required for us to survive.

He referred to Dr James Hansen described threats as not only peak oil and climate change, but the fact that we are perhaps at PEAK CIVILIZATION.

This is a presentation that, at minimum, every science teacher on the planet needs to see.

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While young people are claiming that the global recession will need to be paid off by them- they need to also realise that the squandering of environmental capital will mean that they have much bigger concerns than money to be worried about. Money does NOt make the world go round- but that’s what most people have been taught.

This is why an E-Change in education is crucial