Just Call Me Kenny

(C) Julie Boyd

The road we walk along down to our beach is a big mess right now. I think it’s great. So many new smells. Lots of new people to talk to, and great big cars with gadgets of their front that lift up dirt and dig big holes. Something different happening every day. Cool boy stuff.The man that stands there (or sometimes sits) and holds a sign that he turns around- sometimes red and sometimes yellow is called Peter. He’s a nice bloke. Always gives me a pat and likes a chat.

His job is to stop cars coming along. Not that they can cos there’s nowhere for them to go right now- so I guess his job is pretty easy.

My human got into a big chat with him and they were using words like greedy developers, sneaky plans that need to be exposed …. It all sounded a bit boring to me though Peter was talking about what our beach was like 30 years ago when he used to live here. He wished he’d bought a house then.

While they were chatting I decided to go and see what the others were doing. So I sidled around the big truck… dumdedumdedumdemdedum and noone saw me. Then I saw it. Joey and Carlo and the others were all standing around a huge hole in the middle of the road. They were all leaning on their shovels and going hmmmmmm so I thought they must have needed some help.

I ran over and started digging. I thought I was helping and I almost fell into their hole. It was the biggest crabhole I’d ever seen. I was only trying to help but all of a sudden people were yelling and I got a bit of a fright. So I ran towards the beach puffing and panting. There in front of me, just at the beginning of the track down to the sand was a little house and beside it a bigger house that had a veranda and wheels.

I remembered about the little houses. When I was a puppy and living with Bob and Trev I used to run away every chance I could because I really wanted to find where my human was. It wasn’t that I didn’t love them- I was just concerned when my human didn’t always come home.

One day when Bob opened the door I shot out like a little fluffy rocket. Up the street I went until I saw a big pile of dirt and lots of men playing with shovels. I thought really quickly that if I raced over to them- they might be able to tell me where my human was. So I started running. Of course my legs were really little back then.

All of a sudden I heard Bob yell ‘schmacko for whichever one of you boys catches him’ Then I looked and all the men had dropped their shovels and they were chasing me.

I was really confused then so I looked around really quickly for somewhere to hide. That’s when I saw the little house and ran inside.

Let me tell you- I don’t know if the guys got their schmackos or not but they all dived in and grabbed me- but we were all pretty much knocked over by the smell.

So- when I remembered that adventure I- quick as a flash- saw that the door to the bigger house with wheels was open and jumped up the stairs. Right into the lap of another man who was sitting there peacefully enjoying a drink.

I guess when you’re faced with a choice- sometimes going for the one that smells that least bad will still give you some big surprises.