Technology and Toddlers The iPad Generation

How is technology impacting brain development , free play and social development of children? Questions we need to answer as a society. My 10 month old granddaughter has a fascination for all things technological. She spots a computer and wants to play- a broken one is no fun, she wants functional thank you. Digital cameras hold a special fascination- and yes she can already distinguish between a cheapie and a high end SLR. OF course television with its rapid fire image changes is intoxicating for one so small. Even watches are wonderfully shiny and to be collected like a small, yet rapidly moving bowerbird now that she is walking.

The issue for her parents is not how to barricade her from experiencing the use of technology – that would be unrealistic given society’s dependence , and ever increasing need, for more and more gadgets to organise and fill our lives. Their role, and the role of all other adults is to balance access to technology with learning human skills and to provide access to as many experiences as possible which will encourage the development of her formative sensory systems- all 20 of them(see Bob Samples research) which will in turn enable a healthy mind-body to provide the basis for a productive, healthy, contributing global citizen.

The iPad generation. Is this a great example of a child being ‘trained’? One posted comment ” it makes me pause and think…what is she learning?…when she grows up, will she feel more comfortable? using machines, or relating with people? Just askin’.”

Question – is this ‘responsible use of technology?’ Just askin!