For teachers to build resilient students, they need to be resilient themselves.
This manual is a workbook and information source for teachers who are wishing to build their own PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL Resilience.

Chapter 1 Introduction – The Nature of Resilience

Chapter 2 Building Personal Resilience
Living Well
Physical Wellness 68
Energetic Wellness 91
Emotional Wellness 98
Spiritual Wellness 102
Mental Wellness 108
Social Wellness 114
Intellectual Wellness 118
Financial Wellness 129
Vocational Wellness 138

Chapter 3 Building Professional Resilience
Personal and Professional Support Network
Professional Leadership
Aligned and Consistent Practice
Clear Purpose/Goals 211
Strategic Direction 225
Societal Wellness 229
Systemic Wellness 236
Being Entrepreneural 252

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This workbook has been written for use by middle year students. It may form a useful part of homeroom, pastoral care and health studies.

Users of the book have described it as
’highly practical’
’written so that students can un

derstand it’
’extremely useful for teachers trying to build resiliency in students’.


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