Methinketh we think too much?

Human behaviour is made up of a range of things including thinking, feeling, and responding physiologically and verbally. Michael Jackson’s recent death reminds me of a quote of his when he was asked about dancing. His response was . Thinking is the biggest mistake a dancer can make. They need to feel- become an embodiment of the music. Which begs the question. Do we think too much? Is that what has contributed to the rise and rise of self-centredness in western societies? Has the focus on ‘brain based learning’ and ‘higher level thinking’, combined with the overuse of technology, mitigated our ability to feel, empathize and trust our instincts, to the degree that sensitivity and altruism are vanishing fast.

Sir Ken Robinson’s stance on the need for creativity fits with ancient indigenous learnings, and understandings of human psychology and eco-psychology which need to be melded into our fast tracked, digital, depersonalised world.
What world are we preparing kids for in our schools?

Playing for change is a movement to connect the world through music. If thinking is what gets the human race into the mess it’s currently in, feeling, and being response-able to the feelings of others may be one of the ways to get us out of it. Youtube videos such as the one below show what is possible with cooperation rather than the win-lose competition that destroys people, our environment and undermines society. This is the very reason why I was involved in introducing Cooperative Learning to Australia back in 1984!