Julie Boyd and Associates have provided advisory and consultancy services to small and medium businesses and major corporates for more than twenty years.

Our services are broad-based and include significant experience across education, corporate, business, community and political spectra.

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Our programs include:


Our expert coaches and facilitators specialise in providing support, training and guidance to women seeking to move into more senior positions and all aspects of leadership capability, career progression and work/life balance.We offer

  • An Ecology of Women’s Leadership
  • Advanced Women’s Leadership – including corporate boards
  • Women’s Leadership – supporting female leaders with leading-edge skills, expertise and network skills development
  • Planning for Ageing – Issues for Older Women


Our expert coaches provide a negotiated mix of face-to-face and electronic programs and support for individuals and small groups.


Determining a strategic direction in the current climate requires both creativity and pragmatism. Julie Boyd and Associates has assisted with the managed growth of successful career paths for individuals and a number of high achieving companies.

Business Models: Strategies from Ecology and Evolution:

Business strategy and the scientific disciplines of ecology and evolution share a similar vocabulary: cooperation, competition, resources, and ecosystems.  Companies and business theorists alike increasingly appreciate how natural systems provide powerful models for design, operations, and strategy.  This course pushes beyond the pioneering works of Paul Hawkin (“The Ecology of Commerce”), Amory and Hunter Lovins (“Natural Capitalism”), Janine Benyus (“Biomimicry”) and others to further our understanding of what businesses can learn from the fields of ecology and evolution.



Our advisory services provide expert analysis and advice for architects, developers and building consortia for the creation and building of NEW GENERATION schools and educational facilities.

We also advise on effective community consultation and negotiation with local and state governments.


EDUCATIONAL ADVISORY for Australian Qualifications Framework

We provide advice re the development of career pathways for staff which are designed to advantage the company and the individual simultaneously.



We offer more than twenty five years of experience in workshop facilitation and conference organisation based on the creation of LEARNING COMMUNITIES.




Delivery options

In House Corporate Programs

The individual workshop format of our programs allows flexibility in delivery. The workshops can be undertaken as 2 hour, half day or one day progressive sessions or a full two day program combining elements of the various topics. We are able to tailor a training package to fully meet client requirements and business priorities.

Public Programs for Individual Participants

Public programs for individuals wishing to develop their leadership skills are conducted from time to time in accordance with client demand. These are usually one or two day complete workshop programs combining participants from different organisations and working situations. These programs are a great way to meet people with common learning goals and interests and provide an opportunity to learn in a supportive and friendly environment.

Individual Coaching

Each participant brings their own individual circumstances, problems and areas of concern.

During each of our workshops, participants develop a personal action plan to assist with the practical application of the acquired skills and knowledge back in the workplace.

Occasionally implementation of personal plans can present unique challenges. In such a scenario, a short program of personal coaching and mentoring can be helpful in reviewing the action plan and guiding the implementation process. This can significantly increase productivity in the short term and assist participants maintain personal confidence.

Coaching and mentoring is also available for people who have not attended one of our programs. Please use the form below to discuss your needs.

Management Training

There are many occasions where organisations or individuals feel the need to build skills in specific areas; for example, team communication or change management.

Focused, individual programs can be designed to meet client requirements. All training is based on the practical application of management theory and delivered with an emphasis on how the learning can be translated into improved performance in the workplace.

Use the form below to help us understand your needs and we will deliver the results.

Your Investment

Program fees will vary depending upon the program or topics selected and the method of delivery that best suits your needs.

We are only too happy to discuss these options and our program timetable with you.

For further information on how we can help you, please use the form below to contact us.

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