Carbon to CAR BAN: From a Car-Full to a CARE-FULL Society

What a difference one letter can make!

If we are at ‘Peak Civilisation’ what needs to change, and how?

While the policy makers argue over how much carbon we can keep pumping into the atmosphere, any rational human capable to simple arithmetic can see that we’ve already exceeded our great grandchildren’s quota- not just our own.

Drastic action on one simple front would make the world of difference. If there was consideration of each action we take on the 7th Generation- our Great Great Grandchildren- what difference would it make?

The greedy short term thinkers operate to build their financial empires- only to watch them boom and bust again. The care-full ones realise that family, friends and health are really all we have- and what we need to take care of.

Car Full to Careful

Carbon to Car Ban

Selfish to Selfless

Crazy Conflict to Considerate

Destruction to Dialogue

Speed and Greed to Slow and Grow

Building resilience requires that we each contribute toward the wellbeing of others as well as ourselves. Simple really- so why is it so hard?