Skin Hunger: If You’re Feeling Like Crap, This Maybe Why

If you’re currently feeling ‘like crap’, a well-known psychological term, this may help explain why. Humans are, on the whole, social animals. We need to experience a sense of belonging, in whatever sense that works for each of us. If we can’t achieve that pro-socially, some will seek it out anti-socially, with gangs and the […]


  IT ONLY HAPPENED TO BOYS…. WELL, NO.   The first time I witnessed child abuse I was seven years old. I remember it clearly as that was the year of my First Communion. I still have the photo somewhere of my little self and my friends, all wearing virginal white dresses and veils. The […]

Leadership: A Collection of Book Overviews

Building Community in Schoo Change Forces Creating Learning Communiti Engaging Children’s Minds If it ain’t broke Improving Schools from With Maverick Motivating Schools Schools for the 21st Centur The Exhaused School The Fifth Discipline What’s Worth Fighting for

Ecology and Ecoliteracy: A Collection of Book Overviews

Awakening Earth Counting on a Small Planet Earth in the Balance Earthchild Global Mind Change Global Teacher Global Learn Guide to Ecoliteracy Integrating Env Ed Journey to the Heart of Nat Keepers of the Earth Animal Playing For Keeps Teaching Kids to Love the E

Indigenous Wisdom: A Collection of Book Overviews

Look to the Mountain 1 Look to the Mountain 2 Navajo & Tibetan Ancient Futures Pachamama’s Children Pachamama’s Children Navajo & Tibetan The Four Fold Way Voices Of the First Day Urban Shaman Millenium The Medicine Way Wisdom of the elders Murawina Women of the Native Struggl

Creating Resilient Educators

Creating Resilient Educators FINAL V1 Nov

Wise Words Leadership

Wise Words leadership

Touching The Moon

Where were you when Armstrong and Aldrin walked on the moon? It’s July 21st, the 50th anniversary of a momentous event in human history. One that, for four days, for an hour, for a moment, brought humankind together.   I was in my last year at boarding school. Clustered around a small black and white […]

Older Women and Homelessness

PUBLISHED ARTICLES: Parity Vol25-01 (April)  READ Pages 22- 24 OLDER, WISER AND FLAT BROKE By Julie Boyd March 13, 2012 Published by The Hoopla The return of Bob Carr to the political sphere has been much heralded, as he will reportedly bring ‘wisdom’ and ‘gravitas’ due to his age and experience. Despite our woman Prime Minister […]

Jack and the Mini Jack and the Mini By Julie Boyd ·  2 min read · From 500 Words: The Kindness of Strangers ‘Bugger. What do we do now?’ It was my third year at University and I finally had my license. The local policeman had seen me driving for years. Country kids needed to know the rudiments of how to fix an […]