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Julie Boyd is highly experienced across a range of fields. An educator who has taught preschool to University Masters Degree levels. Corporate experience to CEO and Managing Director levels. An adviser, advocate and activist for progressive women's and environmental issues, and a strong believer in the need for shift in whole systems.

Then Things That Matter – A Conversation for Creating a Healthy Society


The Things That Matter- A Conversation for Creating a Healthy Society An Online Publication by Julie Boyd

Great Infographic on the Power of Education in Finland

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Oh what a tangled web we weave… How do we teach kids responsibility in the light of this?

Open letter written by the Principal of the Miller Technology High school in response to a statement made by the principal of Kings Grammar School.

This is an open letter written by the Principal of the Miller Technology High school in response to A statement made by the principal of Kings Grammar School. Miller Technology High School National Leading School – Innovative Schools Program Microsoft® Partners in Learning Dear Headmaster, I read some weeks back your statement in the Sunday […]

Father’s Day – Farewell Dad

My Dad died twenty years ago today. In the midst of a clean-out at my Mum’s house this morning I found the eulogy I wrote and read at his funeral. I didn’t know she’d kept it. It’s only a little word, Dad, but, when you think about it, very special. There were only two of […]


(C)    Julie Boyd   The door groaned as if in pain, as it slid partially open. Two eyes, normally the softest brown, this morning filled with abject terror, peered around the gap. ‘Come in, mate. You look as if your morning’s been a bit rough.’ He fell into the plastic chair, his long adolescent […]


(C) Julie Boyd 2012   As parents we are all concerned about what the future will bring and the type of world our children will be seeking to live and work in. It can be very confusing trying to help our sons and daughters make the best decisions for their own futures, and can sometimes […]

Dealing with Distraction

(C) Julie Boyd 2012   Many young people find it difficult to manage the myriad distractions which can take the focus away from their work. Managing multiple forms of technology; needing to respond to friends immediately they text or call, can lead to procrastination when it comes to getting schoolwork done, and getting enough sleep. […]


(C) Julie Boyd 2012   Parenting adolescents can be a tricky balancing act. Young people growing up and beginning to assert their independence can provide challenges for the relationship you will maintain with your children, and particularly your son. Appreciating that they are beginning to strike out on their own, signals a time of change, […]